8 Tips For Maximum Hair Growth

8 Tips For Maximum Hair Growth

Anybody that knows me will tell you that I have been growing my hair since.. well forever! Over the years I have tried lots of vitamin supplements, lotions, potions and lots of praying for long luscious hair. All to no avail. That is until approximately a year ago when I changed the way I looked after my hair, and guess what? It grew like it never has before. Hallelujah!

So… I thought I would share with you my tips for success. I only wish somebody would have shared these with me a long time ago. I would have hair down to my knees by now! I can’t guarantee that these will work for everyone but they sure have for me.

I follow these tips religiously now and will link to the products I use below:

1. Give your hair a break from the heat – I struggle with this one the most as I have really frizzy hair and au natural is so not a good look for me. However, I try to tie my hair up during the week as much as I can which reduces the amount of heat I have to use to achieve my desired look. Then I treat myself and use straighteners or curling irons at the weekend. Also make sure to use a heat protector spray before applying any heat.

2. Have your hair coloured and cut by a professional – Years of home dying in my teens and early twenties totally wrecked the condition of my hair. In fact I was surprised I had any left after the amount of colour changing and cutting that I did myself. Eek! Now I have my hair coloured and cut by a stylist about every 8-10 weeks… and boy has this made a difference. Scrimping on the cost may have saved me money, but it left me less than happy with the frazzled do!

3. Use sulphate, pharaben and silicone free shampoo & conditioner – Parabens are harsh chemicals that are used to make products last longer and can cause serious damage to your strands. Sulphate is a detergent used in shampoos and it can reduce the quality of your hair over time. Silicone is used in products to make your hair shiny and frizz free, however, it isn’t water soluble and can build up very easily on your hair leaving it lifeless and dull.

Try to Remove these ingredients from your routine and switch to a natural shampoo and conditioner, they are much better for your hair. They contain natural plant and herb extracts, are gentle, nourishing, are less likely to damage and strip colour from your hair, and most of all they promote hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. If you only decide to make one change, let this be the one. You will notice the difference pretty quickly.

4. Use coconut oil as a hair mask – Once per week I apply raw coconut oil to my hair, leave for a couple of hours and then wash as normal with my natural shampoo. This has tamed my frizz massively and made my hair feel silky and soft. Doing this also reduces the amount of heat I have to use to style my hair. Win, win!

5. Only use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet – Your hair is most vulnerable when wet and brushing can stretch the hair causing slit ends. Switch to using a wide tooth comb to avoid this.

6. Use a leave in conditioner before trying to detangle your hair – I always apply a small amount of leave in conditioner before I comb my hair after washing. This lubricates the hair and makes it easier to detangle.

7. Use a natural oil to defrizz – If you still need extra help to tame your hair, sadly I do,  then be sure to use a natural oil after styling. My faves are argan, almond and macadamia oils, these hydrate your hair and reduce roughness in a natural way.

8. Feed your hair – It’s not just what you put on your hair that counts. If you eat a healthy nutritious diet, your hair will grow stronger and healthier too. Since I purchased a Nutribullet a few months ago and have had a raw green juice everyday, my hair and nails are in the best condition they have ever been in. You are what you eat after all!

My De Beauvoir Diaries - Tip for max hair growth

Left – April 2014, Right – April 2015

Now this may not look like massive growth to some, but for me it’s such a huge improvement. Whoop! Do you have any more tips to achieve long luscious hair? Please share below…. I’ll try anything! 🙂 xxxx

Here are some of the products I have used over the past year and would highly recommend

Faith In Nature Shampoo
Faith In Nature Conditioner
Boots Coconut & Almond Leave In Conditioner
Dr Organic Shampoo
Dr Organic Conditioner
Dr Organic Argan oil
MarkHill Wide tooth comb
Heat Protector Spray
Raw coconut oil


  • Iren

    Great tips!! I always wanted my hair to be longer 😉


  • i love those tips you shared. Thank you so much!

    this is my first time in your blog and I’m totally loving it!

    april of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com

    • Thanks so much April! I have just checked out your blog too.. it’s great. I will be staying tuned 🙂

      Hayley xx

  • Lauren Blair .

    I really liked this post quite a bit!!! I’ve googled this topic before, but after randomly seeing your comment on another blog I’m happy that I found a thorough but simple language list about hair growth and maintenance. Yay! XO
    -Lauren Blair

    • HI Lauren,

      I used to do lots of searching too! I’m so glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more hopefully useful posts 🙂 xx