My De Beauvoir Diaries - Bohoo Monochrome Wish List copy

Happy Easter you lovely lot! I hope you’re having a fun filled day whatever you are up to? I’ll be out having lunch and drinks with friends later… a nice chilled and relaxing day ahead. Yippee!

If you know me, you will know that my fave colours to wear are black and white. Yes, even in spring! Not very adventurous I know, but if you get your monochrome basics covered it’s then so simple to add a pop of colour, should you have the desire.

All these fab items are from Boohoo and cost £25 or under. Bargains!! I love buying clothes that you can mix and match to create lots of different looks from a select few pieces. Which ones would you choose to wear together? xxxx

Click on the images below to view on the Boohoo website. Enjoy! xxxx

Boohoo wish list
Booohoo wish list 2
Boohoo Wish list 3
Boohoo wish list 4
Boohoo wish list 5
Boohoo wish list 6
Boohoo wish list 7
Boohoo wish list 8
Boohoo wish list 9