De Beauvoir Candle Co. Pomegranate Candle

De Beauvoir Candle Co. Pomegranate Candle

I have wanted to try one of these De Beauvoir Candle Co. candles for a while now and today I was lucky enough to receive one as a gift. These candles are hand made at home by Ollie Picton-Jones who lives, like I do, in De Beauvoir Town. I have been burning my candle for the last hour, the pomegranate scent smells divine and seems to be burning very evenly. So far I love it 🙂

Ollie offers some excellent tips for caring for your candle here. Really simple but also very clever, I will definitely be trying some of them out. I am really intrigued by the lime & basil scented candle, I think I will go for that one next. I love how the candle looks next to my white orchid. Splendid!

“The fragrances of my candles reflect the scents, the moods and the memories of the Beauvoir Conservation Area: honeysuckle and gardenia from along the Regent’s Canal; rose from the bushes which stand against many of the London stock brick houses; and the tumbling Jasmine, Magnolia and deep Lilac which grow through the ‘fleur de lys’ ironwork of De Beauvoir Square itself” Ollie Picton-Jones

Pomegranate candle