OPI Glitter Nail Polish

I have been slightly obsessed with OPI glitter polish throughout December. I have purchased a few myself as well as having them done at the nail salon many times. Glitter nails has been the perfect party season accompaniment. At times I like to dress quite plain and jazz up my outfits, this has been the best December accessory by far! See my instagram for some pictures (here) of the colours and styles I chose. Of course there are many other brands producing glitter polish, but OPI is by far the best in my opinion. So many styles to chose from and oh so long lasting finish.. Give it a try and see what you think?

Lee Stafford Argan Oil

Do you have dry frizzy hair like mine? Then this is a product that you definitely need in your life! I have been using this brand of argan oil for a while now and the condition of my hair has improved dramatically. You can add a small amount to from mid length to tip while wet and then style as usual. Or rub a small amount into your hands and apply when dry. I do this a lot and it works wonders. I am also convinced it is the reason my hair has grown quite a lot recently. This is probably not the case, but either way this product is amazing. You may think it is quite pricey at £11.99 for 50ml…but once you have tried it you will most certainly change your mind!

Soap & Glory Hand Food

During the winter months I have to apply hand cream like nobodies business. As you can imagine I have tried many brands, some good and some very bad. This Soap & Glory Hand Food is a winner! Not only does it smell lovely but it is so moisturising and creamy. It has my saved my hands from the usual dry, cracked appearance that the cold weather causes. I haven’t tried any Soap & Glory products before, shock horror, so I was delighted when I was bought this as a gift. I absolutely love the retro packaging too.. it has left me lusting for more!


& Other Stories is part of the Hennes & Mauritz group and was launched in March 2013. It quickly became one of my favourite high street stores. I love their attention to detail, focus on quality and individual designs. If I’m after a classic piece or a bright coloured new addition to my wardrobe, it is now my go to. Even down to their lingerie and jewellery collections. The stores have a lovely warm feel to them and every item is laid out in neat succession. Just how I like it! Click the link (here) to check them out online.

A friend of my mine recently introduced me to Monki. There is one on Carnaby Street which I have somehow managed to miss while out and about. It is also part of the H&M group and it has such a fun, quirky style that I instantly thought it was great. If you saw my November Favourites post (here) you will know that I can’t get enough of matching coordinates. Monki didn’t let me down! I also love the little carrier bags that you get your goodies in. I would highly recommend that you go for a nosey if you haven’t been before. Click the clink (here) to check them out online.

Over the past few months I have fallen in love. It is now my dream to dress head to toe in The Kooples. Every item they design is ubber stylish and made from materials that are to die for. I drool each time I go in a store and leave sad that I can’t buy absolutely everything! If you’re after casual cool, party wear or a super smart suit with a rock and roll edge, they have it all covered down to perfection. I checked out their new collection this weekend, I obviously loved every piece and will more than likely be treating myself soon :-). Any men reading this, who want to impress the ladies, be sure to browse the menswear. It will not disappoint! Click the link (here) to check them out online.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Stay tuned for more outfit posts coming soon xx

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