DIY Salon nails in under 10 minutes

DIY Salon nails in under 10 minutes

I don’t know about you? But I love having my nails painted at the salon. I find it really relaxing, the finish is always brilliant and lasts far longer than I could ever achieve myself. If you are like me and love to change your colour constantly while not breaking your bank account, then I would highly recommend investing in quality products that allow you to achieve a salon finish at home. I can honestly say that these are products I have bought myself or have received as presents (lucky me), I have not been sent them or paid to feature.

The most important thing for me is being able to achieve the salon look but in as little time as possible. When you live a busy lifestyle the last thing you want to do is spend 40 minutes of your day waiting for several coats of nail varnish to dry. Yawn.. I am far to impatient for that. It has taken me a while to find the products that actually work for me but I have it down to a tee now, whoop!

This is my step buy step guide to achieving salon nails in under 10 munites.

Before you start make sure your nails are clean, free from any varnish and filed into your desired shape. Then follow the next steps:

Top tip: if you apply each coat to your nails in the same order, you can leave out the drying times as this will be happening as you’re painting your other nails!

1. Apply one coat of base varnish and leave to dry for 30 seconds
2. Apply 2 coats of your favourite nail colour, leaving 30 seconds of drying time in between
3. Apply one layer of 45 second top coat and you guessed it.. leave to dry for 45 seconds
4. Then apply 2 drops per nail of OPI drip dry and leave to dry for one minute
5. finish with some moisturising hand cream and voila your done

What did I use?
My De Beauvoir Diaries - DIY Salon Nials in under 10 minutes

It’s my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend this weekend so we are off out a posh meal this afternoon. Obviously I just had to match my nails with the shoes I will be wearing. I still absolutely love these Chiara Ferragni pumps, I can’t wait to wear them again. If you like them, they are on sale now!! here. I will be posting my full outfit tomorrow and also featuring the restaurant we are going to. Pop back over tomorrow to read all about it.

Do you have any top tips for DIY salon nails? I’d love to hear them xxx