How to look stylish while working out!

How to look stylish while working out!

My De Beauvoir Diaries how to look good while working out featuring Sweaty Betty 2

It is so important to feel good while working out. Exercise can make you feel amazing, so why not look stylish while doing it? The main reason most of us hit the hit, go for a run or do an exercise video is to make us look good, right? Increasing fitness has lots of health benefits and also makes us look and feel great, so why don’t we do it more? My guess is because it’s so not glamourous, it’s hard work, takes dedication and wearing a dodgy tracksuit really does not have us jumping for joy.. or the treadmill for that matter!

I have been trying to get myself back in shape since, like everyone else, I fully overindulged during the Christmas period. After all the turkey, potatoes, cake, wine, chocolate and pretty much everything else I could get my hands on, I managed to put on over half a stone in weight. Easily done! It has been a slow process for me to get in shape and back to a healthy weight that I feel happy with. I have changed my thinking and attitude towards excerise and healthy eating over the last 9 weeks, and I feel soooo much better! Being able to fit back into my favourite trousers is also a massive bonus!

Trying to find motivation to break my old habits has been hard and wearing my usually Nike or Adidas gear has totally not inspired me lately. Probably because I’ve been wearing them since the 90’s and I’m not  teenager anymore. I wanted something versatile, cool, comfortable and practical while still being stylish and a little sexy. I thought I would never find it… but I was wrong!

I came across Sweaty Betty when I first moved to London and didn’t take much notice at first. Recently though I started to walk past one of their boutiques in Shoreditch on my way home from work. On my first visit to the store I wanted to buy absolutely everything! Their gorgeous prints and super soft stretchy fabrics are to die for. My favourite look from their new collection is “for the love of dance edit” (see above). Now I don’t dance, not in public anyway, but I would definitely wear this down at the gym, or out for a run and I know I would look and feel great while doing so. I also love their Sports Luxe range for easy transition from the gym to effortless street style. I best get cracking open my piggy bank as I NEED so many pieces!

Who knew we could look so good while working out?! What do you like to wear while exercising?xxx