With a couple of trips planned so far for this year, I have been thinking about what I need to take with me to make sure I travel as comfortable as possible. To be completely honest I really hate flying (far too many reasons to mention including claustrophobia, short attention span and germs – but that’s another story) however, through experience I like to think I am getting a bit better at this travelling malarky. Having been on lots of long haul flights over the years I have picked up some handy tips and tricks along the way that definitely make life easier and wayyyy more comfortable.

I have broken these essentails and tips down into fashion, beauty and travel accessories. Let’s get started…

Fashion Essentials

Top Tip: Pack comfy clothes in your hand luggage

I always pack a set of comfy clothes in my carry-on bag that I can change into during the flight. I don’t like walking around the airport looking like I’m in my PJ’s so getting changed later on solves that problem. Also, there’s nothing worse than sitting in tight jeans for 11 hours straight, no thank you!

My comfies will include

  • Leggings
  • Vest top
  • Sweatshirt
  • Thick socks

I keep these items inside a canvas bag with my beauty essentials so that it’s super easy to whip them out of my hand luggage quickly, once on the place, before I place my bag in the overhead storage. A couple of hours into the flight, usually after eating etc, I will get changed into my comfy clothes and do my beauty routine in the bathroom. Which brings me on to my next tip…

Beauty Essentials

Top Tip: Create a beauty survival kit

Before I travel I always create a little beauty kit of items that I need during the flight. I have some little containers that I decant a small amounts of product in to use during the flight.

My beauty essentials are

  • Makeup remover
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Cotton pads
  • Moisturiser
  • Tinted lip balm
  • Hand cream
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Mini hairbrush and hair tie
  • Hair serum
  • BB Cream
  • Face wash

I also make sure I purchase a bottle of water once I have passed through security that I can use to wash my face and brush my teeth during the flight. I really wouldn’t recommend using the tap water on a plane, I dread to think what bacteria is lurking in there (insert horrified face!).

My routine consists of taking my makeup off, using my tiny pots of cleanser, toner and moisturiser with some cotton pads, brushing my teeth and applying lip balm and hand cream. Doing this little routine is not only good for my skin, but it also helps me to wind down and try to sleep.

Hopefully after some sleep and around an hour before the plane is due to land, I will go back to the bathroom; this time I will wash my face, brush my teeth again, apply some moisturiser, BB cream and tinted lip balm. As well as brushing my hair and applying some serum to smooth out my hair. I don’t ever feel the need to have a full face of makeup to travel from the airport to my hotel, but a little freshen up is definitely required.

My De Beauvoir Diaries - my travel essentials and tips

Travel Accessories

Top Tip: Purchase a J Pillow

Buying a J Pillow was the best 15 quid I have ever spent! It’s THE BEST. It’s basically a pillow that makes sleeping sitting up a hell of a lot easier. Its unique shape offers support under your chin which stops your head falling forward and waking you up. It also provides support and comfort to one side of your head so that you don’t need anything to lean against while trying to catch a few Zzzzz.

If you haven’t seen a J Pillow before, I would highly recommend that you check them out, I will not travel without one now – the lady that invented this design an absolute genius!

Top Tip: Carry a travel wallet

I remember the days before I used to use a travel wallet… frantically trying to find my passport/money/cards/tickets you name it, inside my bag and constantly thinking I had lost something. Not cool. I recently picked up this one from Radley and it’s perfect. I love the classic black exterior with a pop of colour inside.

Now that I keep all of the important stuff in one, easy to find, place. I am a lot calmer and feel super organised during my journey (yay).

My De Beauvoir Diaries - my travel essentials and tips 2

Do you have any travelling tips? I’d love to hear them.


Location: De Beauvoir, North London.
Photos taken with: Olympus Pen and 45mm lens


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This post is in collaboration with Radley; all views and opinions are, of course, my own.