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Sleek Makeup

Hello, I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far? Toady I thought I would share with you some beauty treats that I picked up from Sleek MakeUp. This was the first time I had tried their range and was excited to see the results. I went for earthy tones because I like to feel as natural as possible after applying my everyday makeup. I picked these up during a 2 for 1 offer at Boots… result! Read on to see what I thought.

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Brow Kit (in meduim)
This has to be my favourite of the 3 and the one that I will probably get most use out of. It’s got everything you need in a perfect little kit. I have been thinking for a while that I should try something different instead of the same eyebrow pencil I have been using for years. I have seen many beauty bloggers using this and the results were fantastic.

Firstly, I use the wax to define and fill in the shape of my eyebrows and then gently fill in where needed with the shadow. This gives it a more natural and softer look which is great. The brushes are also nice and easy to use, and the tweezers are very handy for a quick tidy up. I never thought I would step away from my trusty pencil, but this has won me over.

Face Contour Kit (in light)
There is a lot of talk about contouring in the beauty world at the moment and why we should all do it to make ourselves look more defined and flawless etc. I know this is not something that I will do every day, but after hearing all the hype and seeing many youtube videos I thought why not give it a go.

The kit cost £6.49 so I thought it wouldn’t be a big loss if I didn’t like it. So… after recapping on youtube and reading the instructions (anybody would think it was brain surgery!) I went for it. I found it quite hard to apply, mainly because my boyfriend thought it was hilarious watching me pull lots of funny faces which made me laugh and then I couldn’t take it seriously. Humph! BUT.. after another go I was quite pleased with the results. At first I thought the contour powder was too dark but after blending with the lighter shade it looked really nice. My face was more defined and the highlighter is such a lovely shade on my skin. However, when I left the house I then felt a bit paranoid that I had too much makeup on. This is probably because I haven’t really worn blushers or anything like that before, I’ve just never felt the need for it. Maybe contouring isn’t for me?

Well, I will persevere with it and try it for a night out rather then the day time. I will keep you posted. Surely I’ll be happy to have cheekbones like a catwalk model!

i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette (Au Natural)
I have wanted to purchase an au natural palette for a while now and have finally got round to it with this beauty. It was such a bargain too at £7.99, how could I not buy it. For some reason most of the eye shadows I own are bright and shimmery, which is why I never wear them and always feel too caked in makeup when I do. Not good! So I decided that matt and pearlescent shades were the way forward.

The shades in the top part of the palette are unpigmented compared to the darker shades on the bottom row. This may be a problem for some, but not for me as I love the natural sheer finish that you can achieve for day time. While still be able to have a more dramatic smokey finish when using the darker shades. Another feature I love about this is the huge mirror on the inside, it’s great for a weekend away and it is actually big enough to use whilst doing your hair. I know I will be getting my monies worth out of this one. It’s a big win for me!

Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to hear your thoughts too xxxx

  • Thanks for sharing! Im looking to buy a new Eye Shadow palette so this post was really helpful 🙂
    -Kaja xx

    • mydebeauvoirdiariesnew

      Thanks Kaja. It is a lovely palette xxx

  • Excellent review – I’ve been sceptical on purchasing from Sleek as I’ve never really seen any reviews on their products, especially with regards to their eyebrow kit and eye-shadows. But both now sound perfect for me, and the colours offered in that palette are gorgeous – perfect for any occasion! SOLD.

    LL |

    • mydebeauvoirdiariesnew

      Thanks so much. I’d definitely recommend the brow it. It’s ace! If you try it, let me know what you think xx