I fell in love with this leather jacket from The Kooples about 4 years ago when it first hit the stores, but at around £600ish I didn’t even consider buying it, but a few months later I popped into the store and it was a third of the price in the sale! They only had one in a size smaller than I would normally wear, my heart sank, but when I tried it on it fitted perfectly. I couldn’t believe it, I literally did a happy dance!

After waering this one for a while, I would definitely recommend sizing down when buying a leather jacket as they always tend stretch quite a bit. This one has, so I am glad that I got the smaller size now.

My De Beauvoir Diaries -why you should invest in a classic leather jacket

They are timeless

Fashion trends are ever-changing, styles come and go quicker than we can say ‘leg warmers’ (yes, I’m guilty of that one too), but some classic pieces will last on our backs and in our wardrobes forevermore.

Along with the likes of a Chanel classic flap or a diamond ring, the leather jacket is up there.

They are a smart investment

Just like some designer handbags, leather jackets can improve with age. 10 years later they can still look as good as the day they were made or maybe even better.

One of my friends has a leather jacket that he has worn pretty much every day for about 20 years and it still looks so so cool. I know for certain, if he was to sell it on, that someone would snap it up in an instant.

Great fitting, classic and super cool leather jackets can sometimes be hard to find. I know it took me many years so find one that I loved and suited my style perfectly, but once you have found that special gem, you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to sell it on at a good price; should you wish to in the future. For this reason, they are a great fashion investment.

My De Beauvoir Diaries -why you should invest in a classic leather jacket

A leather jacket is for life

If you are totally obsessed with your leather and wouldn’t dream of selling it on, like me, it can last you for life. Think of all the cool outfits you will be able to create for decades to come with just one piece.

This jacket makes me so happy! It makes me want to dance like George Michael (RIP) in the Faith video…

They don’t have to cost fortune

With a bit of research, I am certain that you will be able to find one that you love, whatever your budget may be. There are so many different options available, ranging from high street to high-end high street to super luxe. I have chosen my faves below for you if you fancy a nosey.

My De Beauvoir Diaries -why you should invest in a classic leather jacket

Photography by the lovely Alice Chapman

I have styled this jacket a lot on the blog over the years, If you’d like to see more outfits – I have chosen some here, here and here 🙂

Do you have a leather jacket that you love? Or will you be investing soon?

X Hayley

Location: Shoreditch, East London.
Photos taken with: Olympus Pen E-PL7

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